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About Us

Great Opportunities (GO), a 501c3 organization, was founded to expose under-served and at-risk youths to the opportunities  of outdoor recreation, as a means to enrich their lives and introduce them to environmental practices and recreational activities in an aquatic environment.  GO has continued and expanded upon that concept, since its founding in 2002.

Over 3000 youth, ages 4-18, have opened the door of “possibilities” through GO’s programs.  Participating youth expand their knowledge of, competence in, and exposure to aquatic environment experiences, and are empowered to develop leadership and problem-solving skills that integrate the importance of community service, through its 3 interlocking core programs. Read More

Our Programs

Learn To Swim

Child learning to swim at a pool

To date, GO has taught over 2600 youth in San Juan Capistrano and the Tri-City area to swim.  Swim classes range from beginning to advanced and are offered free of charge.

Beach Awareness

girl learning to kyak at the beach

Aquatic Safety, Environmental Education and Recreation are core components in Great Opportunities’ 4-week long summer program.

GO2 Bike Program

Girl learning to ride a bike

GO2 participants learn how to ride a bike and safely navigate the local roads and bike trails, personal responsibility, problem solving skills, leadership skills, attention to detail, proper tool use, and especially team-work and community service.

Help Us Help Kids!

Our Mission

To empower and encourage socio-economically disadvantaged youth ages 4-18, the opportunity to become problem-solving, critical thinking leaders, who are goal oriented and community minded, by teaching them how to swim and become environmentally water “wise” from the curb to the ocean.

Learn to swim and save the world.

kids teens and leaders in the pool

Vision Statement

Our Vison is to eliminate drownings, and increase water safety competence in underserved lower income, high density communities by teaching their youth (ages 4-18) how to swim, be water safe, and environmentally water/ocean “wise” in all aquatic environments through a wide range of aquatic experiences available their own “back-yard”, all the while creating opportunities for its youth to  build self-esteem, hone leadership and critical thinking skills that ultimately will serve their community, and beyond.

kids at the pool holding a sign

Why It Matters

Budget cuts have devastated after school and summer programs, especially in underserved lower income, high density communities.  Likewise, many of the children living in these areas don’t have the discretionary income available to participate in other organized leagues or athletic events. As a result, these children often spend their afternoons and summer vacation with minimal supervision, and limited positive outlets, making them susceptible to the influences of gangs.  For over the last decade Great Opportunities has provided wholesome activities coupled with learning programs for children ages 5-18 in these underserved areas.

While we ask the parents of GO participants for donations, we do not turn away children who are unable to contribute to their costs of participation in GO programs or events.  We believe that the doors of opportunity open through education, first hand experiences and positive mentoring.  If you’d like to help GO continue to open “doors of opportunity”, as a volunteer, or through donation, please click here.

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