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    With the crises facing Orange County today, it's more important than ever to support our community. We're still in a battle that's far from over, and the road to recovery will be challenging.  Great Opportunities is a nonprofit organization that operates in the city of San Juan Capistrano and would like to offer your employees the opportunity to volunteer their time.

    Great Opportunities would like to partner with your organization by offering your employees volunteer opportunities.


    Our Sponsors

    kids in beach program with kyaks

    What we do

    Great Opportunities opens the door for underserved youth to increase their knowledge about their aquatic environment, grow their life skills and experience leadership through swimming, beach programs, environmental awareness, and transportation.

    Our Programs

    Learn to Swim

    boy by the pool

    To date, GO has taught over 2600 youth in San Juan Capistrano and the Tri-City area to swim.  Swim classes range from beginning to advanced and are offered free of charge.

    Beach Awareness

    girl learning to kyack

    Aquatic Safety, Environmental Education and Recreation are core components in Great Opportunities’ 4-week long summer program.

    GO2 Bike Program

    girl with bike helmet on

    GO2 anywhere on a bike, the beach, the mountains, the desert.
    GO2 participants learn how to ride a bike and safely navigate the local roads and bike trails, personal responsibility, problem solving skills, leadership skills, attention to detail, proper tool use, and especially team-work and community service.

    Environmental Program

    trash that was picked up on beach

    The Ocean Begins at Your Front Door - “The El Plastiki Crew”
    We only have one Earth so Great Opportunities believes “Every Day is Earth Day”.  Meet at 30986 Calle San Diego on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm, Great Opportunities hosts the El Plastiki Crew trash removal.  Trash from your front door will enter the street, then the storm system, creeks and rivers, and then the ocean, GO will supply rubber gloves, trash bags, and trash wands.


    Help Us Help Kids!

    Kids on beach during competition

    What People are saying...

    Amazing nonprofit that gives the kids amazing opportunity in life.

    Mike Brandt

    Via Facebook

    Great program that helps kids and adults.

    Alex Brutus

    Via Facebook

    Great program Great Opportunities is that a Great opportunity for kids to be kids. FANTASTIC! helps kids and adults.

    Beth Donovan

    Via Facebook