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The Buoyancy of Success

What does success look like to you?  To society? A good paying job?  A fancy car? A large house? Financial wealth? Social status?  To some it can be as simple as learning how to float, or better yet, how to swim.  Besides, when has social status, a fancy car, or even having a large house,

Constituents of the Month

On April 5th, 2019, Eric and David Groos were recognized by Representative Mike Levin (D-CA) as “Constituents of the Month” for their founding of and work through Great Opportunities. The following was read into the Congressional Record: Madam Speaker, I rise today to recognize Eric and David Groos, two constituents from San Juan Capistrano, as

Earth Day…

Skies of my youth What we call a “brown out” today, is significantly different from declared “brown outs” when I was a kid. Days like this, pictured above, were our “brown outs”.  The skyline often took on a dense yellow/brown tinge. The air, saturated with visible particulates and pollutants, was often deemed unsafe to play

Founding Fathers

Meet Eric and David Groos.  They are the founding fathers of the San Juan Capistrano based, non-profit, Great Opportunities. Their mission: to teach “at-risk” youth to swim, enjoy the ocean responsibly and become more “eco-wise”.  David, a graduate of Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo with a B.A. in Recreation Administration is the non-profit’s Executive

GO Bike Stravaganza – Bike Fair and Festival

September 14, 2019 (9am – 3pm) – Descanso Park, San Juan Capistrano The GO Bike Stravaganza is held annually at the Descanso Park in San Juan Capistrano where three bike trails intersect, making it accessible by bicycle from anywhere in South Orange County.  It is open to the general public and is a major fund raiser for

2nd Saturday Bike Clinics

These clinics are held year-round, and open to all members of the public. They are held in Green Parkat the Capistrano Villas from 10am to 2pm.  Here, expert bike “wrenchers” are on-hand to teach and help with bike repair and proper maintenance.  GO participants have an opportunity to receive specialized training to become a GO2 Bike LMT (Leader

Great Opportunities Christmas Party Extravaganza

Great Opportunities Christmas Party Extravaganza will be held on December 2nd and will be delivering a toy to all children that write a letter to Santa Clause.  Kids will also have a opportunity to have their picture taken with Santa.  There will be various organizations in attendance promoting their program offerings.  In addition, there will

2017 #GO2 Bike Event

Great Opportunities #GO2  Bike Event WHERE: Descanso park located in San Juan Capistrano Is perfect. It is the Junction of three bike trails. Ride from anywhere In South Orange County GOAL: promote a vibrant bike culture in SJC. Alleviate vehicle congestion throughout town. Engage LMTs to help and teach them business needed to succeed. WHEN:GO’s

2017 GO calendar

2017 GO Calendar  This  info is subject to change. LMTs  will meet every third Sunday @ 5pm GO2 Bike Clinic every second Saturday 10pm to 2pm. on a street corner near you TBA cardboard boat build @baby beach TBA Mongoose Cup @ Baby Beach 9am-4pm   4-22-17 Earth Day @ Red Park 9am-1pm 5-6-17 GO

Christmas with Great Opportunities

GO December 3, 2016 Great Opportunities Christmas Party & Fundraiser Photos with Santa Claus Santa Claus will have a designated photo booth. Parents will be able to take free pictures of the children with Saint Nick. There will be other booths to entertain children during the event. Examples are face painting Marty’s Math Station, Edwin’s