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Hello Friends and Family,

As you may already know, I have been involved with an organization called Great Opportunities. We are present or former State Lifeguards and friends that help out in any way by donating our time, equipment, or money to the cause of teaching kids the importance of learning to swim and how to apply aquatic skills to the beach environment.

This program is incredible, as its main goal is to assist kids, who would not have an opportunity otherwise to learn how to swim and become involved with the aquatic environment. These are at risk kids, from San Clemente, Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano, that are prone to becoming involved with gangs and Great Opportunities gives them an outlet to avoid this from happening. Each summer we teach the children to swim, introduce them to the beach environment, teach them to boogie board and surf, take them on field trips, and plan whatever else that we can provide for these kids.

A recent unfortunate event occurred that has made things difficult for us. Our van that contained some donated items including Boogie Boards, stand up paddle boards and various other items was broken into and all of the valuable items were stolen. Every year we struggle to raise the funds to support this wonderful program and this has set us back ever further.

I am asking that you help out this awesome program in any way that you can. We always need financial support and would love to try to find some corporate sponsors, but there are many other ways to assist too. Check out some of our other needs and let me know if you can help. Anything would be greatly appreciated! New or gently used would work. We even have volunteer opportunities. Also, if you have any contacts that you think might be able to assist in other ways, let me know and I will reach out to them.

-New bike helmets
-Soft Stand up paddle boards
-Boogie boards
-Masks and snorkels for diving
-Swimming goggles
-Sunscreen and hats

Thanks for your time and support!