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Training classes need to be an Explorer and lifeguards prior to the beginning of the summer program

Anti Bully Class: learn skills to spot, detect, intervene, stop, correct the negative active and develop a respectful attitude. Then notify a lifeguard or program director of the situation. GO considers this as a key skill needed to be a leader.
Course Master; Bully Busters USA. https://www.facebook.com/BullyBusterUSA

First Aid and CPR; Certified American Heart and Lung lay mans course. This skill set allow the Explorer to safe guard participants at GO events. They will be trained to activate EMS, preform CPR and handle first aid situations.
Course Master: GCPR

Swim Instructor Course: instructors learn how to teach beginning, Intermediate and advance swim class. They learn teaching Technics, motivation skills and use of teaching tools to build strong swimmers.
Course Master: COF

Professional Attitude Builder course: The course teaches how act, dress and communicate in a professional manner while acting as a representative of Great Opportunities.

*All participants involved  must know and understand, GO’s Code Of Conduct
**Additional classes can be added if Directors deems information is key to opening doors of opportunity.