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Thank You for Helping

WOW!  Summer flew by this year. Now we have fabulous stories to tell about what we did and what we accomplished. Each one of our story will differ about the same events when we reminisce. They will continue to improve over time, like a good old fish story. Great Opportunities‘ goal is to open as many doors of adventure to as many disadvantaged children as possible, as available resources permit. These children will carry these moments for a life time.

We as an organization can arrange these opportunities but only with the gracious support from people that believe in our mission. We believe the aquatic environment is the tool that can change the future of children in a positive way. For many, these excursion are a once in a lifetime experience.  You have provided these opportunities to kids that might never have had that chance.

As a co-founder and the Chairman of Fun of Great Opportunities I would like to thank you. Without your belief and backing in what we do, I would never have the chance to GIVE THE STOKE AWAY to kids in need of being stoked.

At your service

Eric Groos

P.S. To see and follow what we have accomplished together go to http://www.facebook.com/greatopportunities