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Skate Park in El Camino Real

On December 15th the Park & Rec Commission approved the El Camino Real park as the skate, scooter and bike friendly park in San Juan Capistrano. Of the of the 5 location  that the Commission reviewed, this was best suited for the location of a skatepark in this underutilized park.

The nice thing it is accessible without passing through any housing Developments or neighborhoods. The park is almost almost a half mile long with ample parking. OCTA #91 has six north and south bound bus stops. There is a bike trail already in existence. The pre existing bathroom are a bonus saving thousand of dollars. A safety feature that is already there is the park lawn that separate the bike trail from Camino Capistrano.  Regarding sound issues  east of the Park is the bike trail, Camino Capistrano and a 75 foot embankment then homes . To the west is a Metrolink fence, Metrolink rail way and a sound wall before any housing.From a security standpoint The OCSD has very clear view from Camino Capistrano of the park. Another level of community supervision is the new exercise trail, which more adults will be using the park.

In the park is a small picnic area that needs to be refurbished. As a organization that offers tutoring and training seminars. We lack a brick and mortar location this would be great place to teach children on occasion. The benefit of 3 to 4 cover picnic tables would be a great community meeting spot.

The actual design of the street skatepark feature should be left to the opinions of local skater and professional skatepark designers and builders. Transition from one feature to the next is crucial. As for aesthetics it is very important that adhere to the cultural mandate of San Juan Capistrano. We  believe that is will be a great opportunity to have beautiful gateway sign welcoming visitors into our town.