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Here are six reasons why skate parks are beneficial to our community.

Here are six reasons why skate parks are beneficial to our community.
1) Skateparks reduce illicit behavior.
 – while there can be an occasional “bas seed”, providing designated spaces for positive activities is the best way to curb unwanted behavior.
2) skateparks provide a safe environment for skateboarding.
– skateboarding is going to happen while skateparks exist or not. The most common injuries in skateboarding occurs outside of skateparks. Due to surface irregularities and collisions with cars. The best way to keep them safe is to provide them a space.
3) skateparks reduce damage to private property.
 – if your town doesn’t have a skatepark, then it is a skatepark. Public skateparks are a win-win because skateboarders have a place to pursue their passion. Law Enforcement and business owners no longer have to spend their time, money and energy “shooing away” skateboarders.
4) skateboarding has significant physical health benefits.
– arguably the most important reason in participating in action sports is that it keeps you healthy and physically fit. Finding an activity that gets kids off the couch and keeps them in shape is vital for the youth of this nation, especially in this time of a national health crisis.
5) skateboarding has significant mental health benefits.
– skateboarding is unique activity because it combines extreme physical exertion with precise muscle coordination and balance. The complexity of performing tricks improves brain function at a fundamental level and stimulates new cell growth.
6) skateparks have positive economic impact.
Skateboarders and their families are a tourism source all on their own. Bringing about economic stimulation for the city. The tourists dine and book rooms. Local events and school programs also contribute to a stable economic growth for local business’s.