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A self-described “rebel with a pen”, Roy Gonzalez has created brilliant, mind-blowing art since his youth on the cutting edge of extreme sports. Championship surfer, freethinker and fashionista, Roy has fused satirical commentary into a world where the music, waves and politics collide.

Vivid and humorous, Roy represents the best of the underground art world that inspired him as a kid growing up in Southern California. In addition to the Surf Crazed comic book series he created in the 80’s, his artwork has graced the surf, skate and snowboards of the legends of these sports as well on award-winning CD covers for Etta James and a host of rock and blues musicians.

Roy’s travels and long residences in Hawaii and Latin America and longtime surfing experience have given him a unique perspective into the global surf culture, its traditions and roots.  He lives the life of a true artist, which isn’t always easy. So if you see Roy Gonzalez at a club, make sure to buy him a drink-be a patron of the arts.

Roy is currently a director in charge of Kolor4Kause.