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2017 #GO2 Bike Event





Great Opportunities #GO2  Bike Event

WHERE: Descanso park located in San Juan Capistrano Is perfect. It is the Junction of three bike trails. Ride from anywhere In South Orange County

GOAL: promote a vibrant bike culture in SJC. Alleviate vehicle congestion throughout town. Engage LMTs to help and teach them business needed to succeed.

WHEN:GO’s third  Saturday in May National Bike Month. 9am to 3pm

RENT: City owned park contacts at SJC city 949 443 6393 Gil Leon 949 493 5911

Donna Latterman Descanso @the end Adelanto ….Pudge Billy goats booths food water….

♡Sarah how much sure GO REP get to sell spot on map….OC map may be provide maps Paul Martin  714 560 5386


Teach GO LMTs to sell advertising space on mass mailer map, Tee sponsorships and event planning and GO product sales.  

Make a area bike trail map. Sell advertising space and map location.  to sponsoring business with discount coupon

Bike Stores, rent 10×10 booth $150

Restaurant  & Advertising on a mass mailer, a MAP of the South Orange County, RIDE N DINE  Sponsors locations. This will be built in the booth fees

GO Event #GO2 tees to be sold for $20 to the public. Sell sponsorships space on back, Bike Chain bracelets For $20

♡invite for free, SJC Sheriff’s Explorers and SJC Youth Advisory board to license bikes to aid in recovery of lost and stolen bikes. Lundo’s bike giveaway. GRIP

PURPOSE: raise money for Great Opportunities #GO2 60% city 40% donate funds to the city to improve SJC bike  biking stations and decorative bike racks throughout SJC.


EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES at the event: Have demonstrations and lectures throughout the event.from public service CHP, repair clinic, helmet fitting, bike safety.


On May 20 2017 I want to a special bike Event at Descanso Park. You mentioned  awhile back that, you had trial riders ride the rocks in the Descanso  park. Could  that possibly happen again?  

Great Opportunities would like to teach salesmanship, event planning, graphic design & art. (LMTs will be compensate for sales)