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GO’s Christmas Party, December 6, 2014, 11 am to 3 pm
*Our event is held on the same day as the City’s Christmas event.
Our Christmas event is held in community parks in the areas we service. Booths are available for other local community service organization to share their mission with  the community for *free. GO’s Lifeguards and Explorers will set up and man a booth for Great Opportunities. Of course, we have a special visitor who will take time out of his busy schedule to take photos with every one, Thank you Santa Clause. Each booth will have different kid friendly themes. Some examples are face painting, a science experiment, Kolor4Kause and much more.
We raffle off donated used bikes, computers and other cool prizes. Each time a child visits a booth and participate in the desire learning skill. They will receive a raffle tickets free of charge. The raffle will be held at 2 pm and they must be present to win.
This event’s door opening opportunity is for the Explorers and Lifeguard to learn how to plan, run, set up and break down a GO event. While working in the event booths they practice and improve their mentoring skill. As for the attendees, this event offers a fun passive learning situation in a safe and monitored environment.
*After GO’s Christmas event is done and everything is put away, we will move our booth to City’s Christmas event at the town center. There we will sell mistletoe to the public and bring awareness to Great Opportunities mission. Our Goal is to develop a large support base. The City event runs from 4 pm to 8 pm.
This event’s door opening opportunity is for the Explorers and Lifeguard be able to communicate to the public in a professional manner. The more times the youth tells the story of GREAT OPPORTUNITIES the better they will be at sharing our mission.  Selling of mistletoe help the youth to develop some basic sale skills. This event is to provide GO with a positive revenue stream from donation request and the sale of mistletoe.
** Great Opportunities offers free booth space to organization that we believe is a benefit to the communities we service. Booths will not be free for organization that are commercial in nature.