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Hello Bicycle Fans:

One of Great Opportunities (GO) major challenges is transportation. When we travel on ourexcursion we use public transportation, for some of the children this cost can be a deterrent. Our goal is to educate children on the importance of bicycle safety and prepare them to navigate the local roads and bicycle trails.Using our bikes on these excursions, will help offset some transportation costs associated with Great Opportunities programs. Our goal is not to leave any children behind on the curb.

If you have a good or used bicycles in working order in the garage that you would like to donate please contact us or drop them off with Jim at BUY MY BIKES. We are also actively looking for cash donation to purchase new helmets for the kids. Presently we are building a team of volunteers and forward thinkers that want to help make these events even better. If you know of sponsors who believe in these types of programs and want to help us underwrite our plan, please have them contact us for a sponsorship packages.

The GO’s Bike Rodeo is on May 10th from 10:00am to 1:00pm on the San Juan Elementary School campus. Great Opportunities with San Juan Elementary and Kinoshita Elementary, both are title one schools plan to give away and properly fit helmets to their students. We also will have an OC Deputy Sheriff lecture on the rules of the road, and an OCFA Paramedic to explain the importance of wearing a helmet and safety gear. After the lectures we put the children through an obstacle course. This will better prepare the children for situations they might encounter on the open road.

The following Saturday, May 17th  from 10:00am to 1:00pm we will have GO’s Mass Bike Ride from the Capo Villas to Doheny State Beach. We will travel the bike trails along the Trabuco & San Juan Creek to Doheny State Beach. We plan to have lunch and rest a bit then return home. This event will reinforce the knowledge that they gained at the bike rodeo, in the use of their bicycle helmets and how to follow the rules of the open road. These events are open to everyone that likes a leisurely ride and chance to mentor with the children.

May is National Bike Month. We have two events in May to focus on bicycle education; GO’s Bike Rodeo and GO’s Mass Bike Ride. So, mark these dates, pump up your tires and ride your bike down to see what we are doing.

Any child that participates in these events MUST wear SHOES and HELMETS. We hope that parents and friends that ride with us will show support and wear a helmet and shoes too.

Sincerely; Eric Groos

P.S. Please share our information with others. Visit our web site for upcoming events: www.greatopps.org  or by liking our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/GreatOpportunities  and 714-299-0912