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Our organization celebrates Earth Day the Saturday following April 22nd.
The event is 4 hour long on April 26, 2014 in the neighborhoods we service.
We supply the children and volunteers with plastic bags, gloves, GO t-shirt and instructions not to pick up drug paraphernalia or any other dangerous trash. Before we begin we have a short lecture about the importance of  the work we are doing that day.
To keep the kids focused on the task at hand, we place special marked pieces of thrash throughout the neighborhood. If a child finds one of the marked thrash they will receive a prize. This tool helps us clean the whole neighborhood while looking for the special trash. *We also offer money for spent batteries found that day. The crushed or damaged batteries release very toxic chemicals into our water shed. Our mantra is  “the ocean begins at our front door.”
Our goal is to build pride in the children and where they live. If we can empower the child to takes ownership of their neighborhood the community wins. Most parents in the neighborhood are Mexican National and have never had trash pick up they burn it. They never really had any education about “Give a Hoot don’t Pollute.”  If you traveled Mexico you know what I mean. So our job is to teach this ideas to the children.
At the end of the event we disperse the prizes talk a little more about what we just did and why we did it. Then we all have a pizza lunch and mentor with the kids.
*I will pay any kid 20 cents any time through the year when they bring me a dead battery.
Earth Day 2013