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Code of Conduct:
The progressive steps of discipline are as follows:
1. When a minor discipline situation occurs, the student will be counseled about the
situation and given an explanation of what behavior change is expected. A Great
Opportunities director will give this counseling.
2. When a subsequent incident occurs, the student will be asked to take a “TIME
OUT”.   A “TIME OUT” is a period of five to ten minutes that the student
spends quietly reflecting on the incident.   After a “TIME OUT” the student is
allowed to rejoin the group activity. These incidents shall be documented
(including date and  nature) and filed for future reference in case where gathered
major disciplinary action may be needed.
3. When a student has a series of “TIME OUT’s” IN THE SAME DAY OR A
Instructor, Great Opportunities Director, will inform the youths parents or
guardian about the situation and  resent all documented incidents as necessary.
4. When a student continually disregards the Great Opportunities Director or shows
little or no improvement with steps 1 through 3 the student will be suspended
from the program for one day. The parent or guardian of the student will be
informed by Great Opportunities that the student has been suspended.
5.  If after suspension the student’s behavior is still not acceptable, the parent or
guardian of the student will be contacted by Great Opportunities. The parent or
guardian of the student will be informed that the student may no longer attend any
of the program’s activities.
6.  At no time will physical touching or the threat of physical touching of any type be
used as discipline.
Major first time incidents may progress the student directly to step 4 or step 5 of the above procedures.
Major incidents would include:
•         Ditching or leave the program without telling YAD.
•         Insubordination.
•         Fighting with another student or other person.
•         Unlawful or non-consensual touching of another person.
•         Stealing the property of another.
  Pool areas
1. Be on time for all class
2. Shower before swim class
3. Must wear bathing suits, no cut offs shorts
4. No food on pool deck
5. No glass on pool deck
6. Don’t bother other children in class.
7. Finish requested letters and study forms
8. Clean up after you’re self
9. No running on pool deck
10. No pushing or shoving on pool deck
 Field Trips
1.   Must always wear shoes plus uniform
2.   Must inform YAD of early departure or exit the bus at a different stop, with a note from parent.
3.   Items need, sun screen ,drinking water,
4.   Must have completed permission from when required
5.   No bully
6.   Must show respect to everyone.