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Training classes need to be an Explorer and lifeguards prior to the beginning of the summer program

Anti Bully Class: learn skills to spot, detect, intervene, stop, correct the negative active and develop a respectful attitude. Then notify a lifeguard or program director of the situation. GO considers this as a key skill needed to be a leader.
Course Master; Bully Busters USA. https://www.facebook.com/BullyBusterUSA

First Aid and CPR; Certified American Heart and Lung lay mans course. This skill set allow the Explorer to safe guard participants at GO events. They will be trained to activate EMS, preform CPR and handle first aid situations.
Course Master: GCPR

Swim Instructor Course: instructors learn how to teach beginning, Intermediate and advance swim class. They learn teaching Technics, motivation skills and use of teaching tools to build strong swimmers.
Course Master: COF

Professional Attitude Builder course: The course teaches how act, dress and communicate in a professional manner while acting as a representative of Great Opportunities.

*All participants involved  must know and understand, GO’s Code Of Conduct
**Additional classes can be added if Directors deems information is key to opening doors of opportunity.


The Summer Program

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

24 HOURS OF SWIM INSTRUCTION ( we consider this a life skill)
Class are taught in condo community pools from 8 am to 10 am. Age levels start  at 4 years old to 18 years old.
4 one half hour classes taught daily per pool. Each half hour has 3 class levels beginning, intermediate and advance. 1 one hour class of  stroke and endurance daily for the more advance swimmers. Prior to entering the water children must complete a short quiz on math and/or reading comprehension.

After swim classes are done the children meet and check in with program director. We use public transportation to travel to different aquatic location each day.

We believe teaching the children to use public buses and trains will prepare then travel on their own in the future.

Each field trip we have a guest speaker that talk with the children. Some example of past lectures are beach and ocean safety, water shed management, crime and gang prevention and tide pool exploration.

On our fishing trip, California State biologist helped the children identify fish. The whale watching trip, docents explains about lives of the local sea mammals.
After the lectures the children are allow to recreate on the local beaches. We provide the children with the beach equipment needed to learn to ride the wave, like surfboards and boogie boards, SUPs and kayaks. We teach the kids how to properly and  safely use all the beach equipment.

For many of the children this a first time experience. Our goal is to instill confidence while teaching new ideas thing in a passive learning situation. Without Great Opportunities many of these children would never had these opportunities learn and grow.

The Children are supervised by our Lifeguards and Explorers which are hired from within the program. This is a positive peer to peer relationship for every one. After a fun day at the ocean, we return home late in the afternoon safe and sound.


September 21, 2014 from 8 am  to 12:30 pm. Coastal Clean Up


Great Opportunities joins with the effort of the City of San Juan Capistrano to clean the the local creeks. The San Juan Capistrano Rotary provides a tasty BBQ for the kids at the end of the event. There are other organization that have display booths the information about a clean water shed.
“The ocean begins at our front door” Our goal is to show the children how we can effect our water shed. Like our EARTH DAY event, we try to help the children to connect the dots. From the front door to gutter then into the creek down to tidal zone and beach dumping into the ocean and in the seafood we catch and eat on our fishing trip. So that is why we don’t pollute!


GO’s Christmas Party, December 6, 2014, 11 am to 3 pm
*Our event is held on the same day as the City’s Christmas event.
Our Christmas event is held in community parks in the areas we service. Booths are available for other local community service organization to share their mission with  the community for *free. GO’s Lifeguards and Explorers will set up and man a booth for Great Opportunities. Of course, we have a special visitor who will take time out of his busy schedule to take photos with every one, Thank you Santa Clause. Each booth will have different kid friendly themes. Some examples are face painting, a science experiment, Kolor4Kause and much more.
We raffle off donated used bikes, computers and other cool prizes. Each time a child visits a booth and participate in the desire learning skill. They will receive a raffle tickets free of charge. The raffle will be held at 2 pm and they must be present to win.
This event’s door opening opportunity is for the Explorers and Lifeguard to learn how to plan, run, set up and break down a GO event. While working in the event booths they practice and improve their mentoring skill. As for the attendees, this event offers a fun passive learning situation in a safe and monitored environment.
*After GO’s Christmas event is done and everything is put away, we will move our booth to City’s Christmas event at the town center. There we will sell mistletoe to the public and bring awareness to Great Opportunities mission. Our Goal is to develop a large support base. The City event runs from 4 pm to 8 pm.
This event’s door opening opportunity is for the Explorers and Lifeguard be able to communicate to the public in a professional manner. The more times the youth tells the story of GREAT OPPORTUNITIES the better they will be at sharing our mission.  Selling of mistletoe help the youth to develop some basic sale skills. This event is to provide GO with a positive revenue stream from donation request and the sale of mistletoe.
** Great Opportunities offers free booth space to organization that we believe is a benefit to the communities we service. Booths will not be free for organization that are commercial in nature.


Code of Conduct:
The progressive steps of discipline are as follows:
1. When a minor discipline situation occurs, the student will be counseled about the
situation and given an explanation of what behavior change is expected. A Great
Opportunities director will give this counseling.
2. When a subsequent incident occurs, the student will be asked to take a “TIME
OUT”.   A “TIME OUT” is a period of five to ten minutes that the student
spends quietly reflecting on the incident.   After a “TIME OUT” the student is
allowed to rejoin the group activity. These incidents shall be documented
(including date and  nature) and filed for future reference in case where gathered
major disciplinary action may be needed.
3. When a student has a series of “TIME OUT’s” IN THE SAME DAY OR A
Instructor, Great Opportunities Director, will inform the youths parents or
guardian about the situation and  resent all documented incidents as necessary.
4. When a student continually disregards the Great Opportunities Director or shows
little or no improvement with steps 1 through 3 the student will be suspended
from the program for one day. The parent or guardian of the student will be
informed by Great Opportunities that the student has been suspended.
5.  If after suspension the student’s behavior is still not acceptable, the parent or
guardian of the student will be contacted by Great Opportunities. The parent or
guardian of the student will be informed that the student may no longer attend any
of the program’s activities.
6.  At no time will physical touching or the threat of physical touching of any type be
used as discipline.
Major first time incidents may progress the student directly to step 4 or step 5 of the above procedures.
Major incidents would include:
•         Ditching or leave the program without telling YAD.
•         Insubordination.
•         Fighting with another student or other person.
•         Unlawful or non-consensual touching of another person.
•         Stealing the property of another.
  Pool areas
1. Be on time for all class
2. Shower before swim class
3. Must wear bathing suits, no cut offs shorts
4. No food on pool deck
5. No glass on pool deck
6. Don’t bother other children in class.
7. Finish requested letters and study forms
8. Clean up after you’re self
9. No running on pool deck
10. No pushing or shoving on pool deck
 Field Trips
1.   Must always wear shoes plus uniform
2.   Must inform YAD of early departure or exit the bus at a different stop, with a note from parent.
3.   Items need, sun screen ,drinking water,
4.   Must have completed permission from when required
5.   No bully
6.   Must show respect to everyone.


Our organization celebrates Earth Day the Saturday following April 22nd.
The event is 4 hour long on April 26, 2014 in the neighborhoods we service.
We supply the children and volunteers with plastic bags, gloves, GO t-shirt and instructions not to pick up drug paraphernalia or any other dangerous trash. Before we begin we have a short lecture about the importance of  the work we are doing that day.
To keep the kids focused on the task at hand, we place special marked pieces of thrash throughout the neighborhood. If a child finds one of the marked thrash they will receive a prize. This tool helps us clean the whole neighborhood while looking for the special trash. *We also offer money for spent batteries found that day. The crushed or damaged batteries release very toxic chemicals into our water shed. Our mantra is  “the ocean begins at our front door.”
Our goal is to build pride in the children and where they live. If we can empower the child to takes ownership of their neighborhood the community wins. Most parents in the neighborhood are Mexican National and have never had trash pick up they burn it. They never really had any education about “Give a Hoot don’t Pollute.”  If you traveled Mexico you know what I mean. So our job is to teach this ideas to the children.
At the end of the event we disperse the prizes talk a little more about what we just did and why we did it. Then we all have a pizza lunch and mentor with the kids.
*I will pay any kid 20 cents any time through the year when they bring me a dead battery.
Earth Day 2013


Hello Friends and Family,

As you may already know, I have been involved with an organization called Great Opportunities. We are present or former State Lifeguards and friends that help out in any way by donating our time, equipment, or money to the cause of teaching kids the importance of learning to swim and how to apply aquatic skills to the beach environment.

This program is incredible, as its main goal is to assist kids, who would not have an opportunity otherwise to learn how to swim and become involved with the aquatic environment. These are at risk kids, from San Clemente, Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano, that are prone to becoming involved with gangs and Great Opportunities gives them an outlet to avoid this from happening. Each summer we teach the children to swim, introduce them to the beach environment, teach them to boogie board and surf, take them on field trips, and plan whatever else that we can provide for these kids.

A recent unfortunate event occurred that has made things difficult for us. Our van that contained some donated items including Boogie Boards, stand up paddle boards and various other items was broken into and all of the valuable items were stolen. Every year we struggle to raise the funds to support this wonderful program and this has set us back ever further.

I am asking that you help out this awesome program in any way that you can. We always need financial support and would love to try to find some corporate sponsors, but there are many other ways to assist too. Check out some of our other needs and let me know if you can help. Anything would be greatly appreciated! New or gently used would work. We even have volunteer opportunities. Also, if you have any contacts that you think might be able to assist in other ways, let me know and I will reach out to them.

-New bike helmets
-Soft Stand up paddle boards
-Boogie boards
-Masks and snorkels for diving
-Swimming goggles
-Sunscreen and hats

Thanks for your time and support!