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  • it’s the lifeguard, adult, or leader). Depending on what we decide, everyone will either be assigned a certain class or we can rotate classes every day.

Bus Trip

  • Lifeguards and explorers meet on Calle San Diego street in front of Eric’s house by 10:30am ready to check in. After everyone has been checked in lifeguard and explorers will get assigned different roles. These roles will change every day.
  • The roles are the following: (Lifeguard and explorers meet at assigned pools and check in by 7:55am (with person in charge, whether Depending on the amount of helpers we get this year more roles will be added)

o   Two people will be assigned to take roll. One will take roll for the girls and another will take roll for the boys. (If there are less kids going to the beach, we can just have one person signing in both boys and girls)

o   One person will be assigned to be line leader for the day. Person who is the line leader will also be the first one on the bus and the first one off to make sure we reach our destination once we are off the bus.

o   One person will be assigned to be the last person in line. This person has to make sure that whenever we are leaving an area that no kid is left behind. This person is also the last person on the bus and off the bus to make sure everyone is off.

o   Two people will be assigned to do head counts and report the head count. Head counts will be taken before we get on the bus, once we get to the beach, and before leaving the beach.

o   Depending on the amount of students that go to the beach, two people will be in charge of collecting money before getting on the bus, to help speed up the process.

o   Everyone on the bus spreads out and works together to make sure all students are kept safe.
On the Beach

  • Everyone will also be assigned different roles on the beach (Depending on the amount of helpers we get this year more roles will be added)

o   Around 11:30am we eat lunch [This can also be lunch time for all of the helpers (except for helpers in charge of setting up and equipment) or all helpers can eat whenever they would like]

o   Two people will be in charge of the beach equipment (boards, fins, swimsuits). While students are having lunch, helpers will be in charge of getting equipment to the beach and making sure it gets rinsed off before we leave and put back in the van. (They will also be able to take lunch once everyone is on the beach)

o   Two people will be in charge of setting up. While students are in lunch, helpers will be in charge of finding a spot and setting up the area for Great Opps (ex: setting up the tent) (They will also be able to take lunch once everyone is on the beach )

o   Another task will be talking to the lifeguard regarding water temperature, safety hazards, current, etc. and reporting it to our students (This can also be a role for another two people)

o   Two people will be in charge of making sure trash gets picked up in all areas and that we leave our area clean. This includes advising students to pick up their trash.

o   Two people will be in charge of games or activities for students to play. This includes sports, taking students to see nearby tide pools, sandcastle activities, etc.

o   The people who get assigned the following roles will be rotating throughout the day at least every thirty minutes:

  • Two people will be assigned to watch the right side of the water
  • Two people will be assigned to watch the left side of the water
  • Two people will be assigned to watch the middle
  • Two people will be assigned to watch students who are normally in the back and around the volleyball courts
  • Three people in the water (One person on the right, one person on the left, one person in the shallow area)



v  Lifeguards and those certified in first aid will be assigned the first aid kit

Written: Adi Gomez


Training Classes for Explorers, Location 30986 Calle San Diego SJC 92675 * COURSES ARE A MUST TO BE A EXPLORER*

*June 7th, Saturday at 8:30 am to 10:30 am

Training course: A class in professionalism taught by Tina Trujillo Nabor. How to prepare your self for a interview. How to present one self in a interview. Tina Trujillo Nabor I’m so excited to teach this class of valuable information that will make job searching fun and easier for everyone! This class will give a BIG jump start to getting THAT job you want!

*June 21st, Saturday at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Training course: A class in CPR and First Aid taught by David Groos. Learn the proper Technics to administer CPR and First Aid. SAVE LIVES    You will receive a certificate from  american heart and lung cpr .

*June 28th Saturday at 9:00 am to 10:00 am

Training course: Bully Buster trainer class taught by Ryan Foland. AKA Ryan the Lion. Learn to spot a bully and also the victim of the bully. Learn some reason why a bully bullies some one. Learn how to help diffuse the  bullying situation. This is a great tool in leadership. Bully Buster USA certificate will be awarded on completion.

*July 1st Tuesday  at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the SJC library

Training course: Learn Google Drive class taught by Adi Gomez. Great Opportunities use’s Google Drive software to manage letter writing within GO and to possible Donors. We will also show how to use spread sheets and our data base.

*July 8th, 9th &10 at 8:30 am to 10:00 am at Capo Villas pool 1

Training course: How to teach swimming to Beginners, Intermediate & Advance class taught by Eric Groos C.O.F. Tuesday we will focus on teaching Beginning swimming and what special Technics to use to make the student comfortable in the water. Wednesday, the Intermediate class will cover basic propulsion though the water.  On Thursday will be the Advanced class. We will go over stroke refinement,diving & treading water. That  same class will also discuss how to build aquatic endurance.

July 12th & 13th at 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at Capo Villas 1 park

GO’s registration day for Swim Class & Beach Program registration. Adi Gomez will be in charge for registration process and setting up work groups. Explorers that have completed all 5 training courses we *take a exit interview. The goal of the interview is to see how GO can improve the training. Also to see the knowledge retain by the Explorers.

July 22nd,23rd,24th,29th,30th,31st August 5th,6th,7th,12th,11th & 13th. Every Tuesday,Wednesday & Thursday for 4 weeks

Swimming Class at 8 am to 10 am, 4 x 1/2 hour classes. Kids will be taught in four pools in the Capo Villas neighborhood. There will be 4 types of classes taught Beginners, Intermediate,Advanced & Aquatic Strength & Endurance.

Beach Program will meet at 10:00 am on the corner of Del La Vista and Calle San Diego and depart from there then return approximately at 5:00 pm. “THE OCEAN BEGINS AT MY FRONT DOOR”

September 20th is Coastal and Creek Clean Up at Los Rios Park at 8 am to 1 pm

December 6th at 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Capo Villas 1 park GO’s Christmas Party  & 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm Explorers Fund Raiser

The first event is for the younger members of GO. We set up booths with fun project, games and give away prizes. Then in the early evening the Explorers and Lifeguards will have a booth at the Down Town San Juan Capistrano Christmas Tree Lighting. We will have a fund raiser of Christmas items to raise moneies for future projects.


**Job Descriptions; Board, Youth Adviser Director (YAD), Youth Adviser (YA), Explorer, Member, Fish at pool only; parent/ Volunteer


Great Opportunities’ chain of command Board of Directors, YAD, YA and, Explorer. Discipline administer by YAD and on site C.O.F.



Board  Members:  Guide and keep Great Opportunities on it mission. Openly support GO by helping develop a strong donor base, attract dynamic and resourceful people to volunteer. Develop and select new board member. Attend all 4 board meetings, Donate time & money to G.O. Attend one even a year. If board member is directly involved with the children will submit to back ground check with D.O.J.

Youth Adviser Director YAD. Computer skills needed. Certified in Red Cross LG, First Aid, CPR  and  will submit to back ground check with D.O.J., if over 17 year of age. Take classes suggested by the board of directors. Attend and  help plan events Set up and run the sign ups for swimming and beach program. Set up roll sheets for swimming classes and beach trips. Take a daily master roll call , attend board meeting, Teach Swimming,  .  Manage YAs and Explorers and explain their Daily duties.  Know and administer code of conduct and mentor to all groups. Administer Discipline after discussion with the C.O.F.

Youth Adviser YA: Age must 16 years old. Hold certified Red Cross LG, First Aid, CPR certified  Bully Buster Training,Professionalism Training, Google Drive Training and Teaching Swimming Training. . Will submit to a back ground check with D.O.J. if over 17. Take courses requested by the board. Be focus on protecting and keep group safe while program or event is in session, teach safety first. Always life guard when on pool decks and at any body of water. Teach and show children how to properly use equipment safely. Supervise and mentor to explorers, members and fish. Lecture once a summer to the beach group . Assist explorers and members with projects and with writing, thank you letters.  Load and unload equipment from vans. Follow duties lay out by YAD. Attend and help at events. Know and administer code of conduct and mentor to all groups. Comply to uniform code ( GO red program shirt, navy blue shorts or trunks, First Aid kit, CPR mask and swim fins)

Explorer:  Maximum stipend is base on participation and review. Explorer must have graduated sixth grade. Has participated for one season in Great Opportunities.  Become certified in First Aid, CPR, Bully Buster Training, Professionalism Training, Google Drive Training and Teaching Swimming Training. Plus any course requested by the Board. At end of training a exit interview will be conducted. Attend all GO events.  Assist YAs at their request. Take roll at swim classes. Administer study courses on pool deck. Know and administer code of conduct and be a positive mentor to all groups. Comply with uniform code (GO red program shirt, navy blue shorts or trunks), Explore shall collect YA other equipment for future advancement.

Member: Must be registered in Great Opportunities. Must be enrolled in swimming and travel on field trips by invitation. Know the code of conduct. Attend all events. Comply with dress code, program shirt and navy blue trunks or shorts.

Fish: must be registered in Great Opportunities. Know Code of conduct. Attend swim class.  Comply with dress code. Swim student must be able to participate at a level required to learn to swim.

Volunteer: Will know what our mission is and will help Great Opportunities achieve these goals. If  volunteer is directly involved with the children, they will submit to back ground check with D.O.J. Beware of the code of conduct and rules


Parent: On the  pool deck the parent shall not interfere with classes. Must be in control of their other children at all times. Obey pool rules. Follow instruction of of senior instructor. On field trips parent is there by invitation only of the YAD or C.O.F. If  another child accompanied the parent, it is the responsibility of the parent to maintain control of the child. Beware of the code of conduct and rulues.


Financially challenged neighborhoods of Orange County is the focus of Great Opportunities (G.O.) which offers Orange County youth a learn to swim program that focus on stroke work instruction.  Swim classes range from beginning to intermediate to advanced levels.  In addition to swim classes, G.O. offers a 4 week program which not only includes swim instruction but a Beach Awareness Program, which promotes ocean safety and environmental awareness.  G.O. was founded in 2002 and works with children, ages 7 to 18 years old, from San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, and San Clemente in Southern California.  G.O.’s swim lessons and Beach Awareness Program are both offered at no cost to the participants.


The three components of the current Beach Awareness Program are Aquatic Safety, Education, and Recreation.  The children spend many hours at the beach riding ocean waves on surf and body boards, and playing in the sand.  In addition, the youth are given instruction with regards to boating safety.  They are given an introduction to Ocean Kayaking and Stand Up Surf Boarding.   At the beach, the kids are taught how the waves are produced, and the dangerous effects that can be caused when there are waves in shallow waters.  We also discuss the potential danger of rip currents and how to swim out of one.


G.O.’s participants are given a tour of South Orange County Water Authority Plant in

Dana Point.  The kids meet a chemist who explains the test and standard the Plant must meet before the waste water is pumped out to sea.  Another field trip the children of G.O. enjoy, is a trip aboard the Sea Explorer.  The Sea Explorer of the Ocean Institute, located in Dana Point Harbor, is a floating lab.  The kids have the awesome opportunity to study the ocean waters, as well as, the ocean floor!


G.O. participants also go deep sea fishing on a commercial fishing boat out of Dana Point

and spend the afternoon learning how humans effect the ocean, catch and release, and proper fishing and boating etiquette.  On another day of fun, the children visit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, and enjoy a close-up look at many marine creatures of the Pacific.


Throughout the year participants of G.O. Summer Program build a Stand Up Paddle Board they create from used plastic drinking bottles (the Plastiki) and show their creation to the public and explain how it was made.  Not only does this promote conservation, it is fun!


At the conclusion of the summer program, we have a barbeque for the participants and their families at Doheny State Beach to celebrate the kids and what they have accomplished.   We also recognize the volunteers and Junior Aides that worked with the children.


G.O. also offers additional days during the year to all participants and their families to join in caring and celebrating our marine environment.  First, G.O. takes part in “Mongoose Cup” offered in the Spring and in the Fall “The Battle of the Paddle” to compete with the Plastiki.

“Earth Day” the kids and families are given the task of cleaning up their neighborhood by picking up trash.  It is arranged with a local waste disposal company to collect and dispose of the trash.  After everyone is finished, we admire our beautiful environment, and celebrate with prizes, food, and drink for a job well done!


The G.O. kids also participate in the City of San Juan Capistrano “Creek Clean Up”, an event that also celebrates “Coastal Clean Up”.  The kids and their families help retrieve debris from Trabuco Creek that is bound for the ocean.  After picking up trash all morning, lunch is provided by the local Rotary Club to say thank you for their effort.  The kids also listen to a presentation titled “The Ocean Begins at Our Front Door” and asked various questions regarding pollution reduction and its effect on the local marine environment.


G.O. offers a Bike Rodeo event to residents of San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, and Dana Point in which Great Opportunities gives out bicycle helmets to all participants. Specialists in the field of bicycle safety are invited to give safe riding instructions.  It is G.O.’s goal to reduce the carbon foot print and introduce the enjoyment of human transportation.  It is also our hope that by introducing and teaching bicycle safety, the time spent riding bikes will increase, and the need for public transportation will decrease. There are bike trails available for the older children (younger children should be accompanied by someone at least 14 years old) to ride all the way to the beach.   G.O. hopes that this will benefit families who do not posses the financial means to pay the cost of transportation for their children go to the beach.  The weekend following the Bike Rodeo G.O. invites kids and parents for a Mass Bike Ride to Doheny State Beach via a bike trail.


For interested, young adults, G.O. requires a 52 hour Lifeguarding Course at Saddleback Community College.  G.O. employs those who successfully pass the Lifeguarding Course to work as pool lifeguards, assist in swim instruction, and act as Junior Aides for the G.O. Beach Awareness Program. G.O. also offers an “Explorer Program” whereas participants assist in swim instruction and assist Lifeguards in the G.O. Beach Program.  The Explorer is a paid position.  All Lifeguards and Explorers are certified in First Aide & CPR and take a course in Anti-Bullying offered by Bully Busters, USA.


Since its inception G.O.’s goal has been to provide under advantaged kids the opportunity to see their potential and understand that they can achieve anything if they believe in themselves.  Capitalizing on over 30 years of ocean aquatic experience we have designed programs focused on teaching kids first how to swim, and second on educating them on the coastal environment.  G.O. is about opening the doors for children and exposing them to the possibilities  The decision is theirs, and our job is to give them the tools they will need to succeed.


Hello Bicycle Fans:

One of Great Opportunities (GO) major challenges is transportation. When we travel on ourexcursion we use public transportation, for some of the children this cost can be a deterrent. Our goal is to educate children on the importance of bicycle safety and prepare them to navigate the local roads and bicycle trails.Using our bikes on these excursions, will help offset some transportation costs associated with Great Opportunities programs. Our goal is not to leave any children behind on the curb.

If you have a good or used bicycles in working order in the garage that you would like to donate please contact us or drop them off with Jim at BUY MY BIKES. We are also actively looking for cash donation to purchase new helmets for the kids. Presently we are building a team of volunteers and forward thinkers that want to help make these events even better. If you know of sponsors who believe in these types of programs and want to help us underwrite our plan, please have them contact us for a sponsorship packages.

The GO’s Bike Rodeo is on May 10th from 10:00am to 1:00pm on the San Juan Elementary School campus. Great Opportunities with San Juan Elementary and Kinoshita Elementary, both are title one schools plan to give away and properly fit helmets to their students. We also will have an OC Deputy Sheriff lecture on the rules of the road, and an OCFA Paramedic to explain the importance of wearing a helmet and safety gear. After the lectures we put the children through an obstacle course. This will better prepare the children for situations they might encounter on the open road.

The following Saturday, May 17th  from 10:00am to 1:00pm we will have GO’s Mass Bike Ride from the Capo Villas to Doheny State Beach. We will travel the bike trails along the Trabuco & San Juan Creek to Doheny State Beach. We plan to have lunch and rest a bit then return home. This event will reinforce the knowledge that they gained at the bike rodeo, in the use of their bicycle helmets and how to follow the rules of the open road. These events are open to everyone that likes a leisurely ride and chance to mentor with the children.

May is National Bike Month. We have two events in May to focus on bicycle education; GO’s Bike Rodeo and GO’s Mass Bike Ride. So, mark these dates, pump up your tires and ride your bike down to see what we are doing.

Any child that participates in these events MUST wear SHOES and HELMETS. We hope that parents and friends that ride with us will show support and wear a helmet and shoes too.

Sincerely; Eric Groos

P.S. Please share our information with others. Visit our web site for upcoming events: www.greatopps.org  or by liking our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/GreatOpportunities  and 714-299-0912


lack of summer program in poor neighborhoods


Broken Window Effect


A self-described “rebel with a pen”, Roy Gonzalez has created brilliant, mind-blowing art since his youth on the cutting edge of extreme sports. Championship surfer, freethinker and fashionista, Roy has fused satirical commentary into a world where the music, waves and politics collide.

Vivid and humorous, Roy represents the best of the underground art world that inspired him as a kid growing up in Southern California. In addition to the Surf Crazed comic book series he created in the 80’s, his artwork has graced the surf, skate and snowboards of the legends of these sports as well on award-winning CD covers for Etta James and a host of rock and blues musicians.

Roy’s travels and long residences in Hawaii and Latin America and longtime surfing experience have given him a unique perspective into the global surf culture, its traditions and roots.  He lives the life of a true artist, which isn’t always easy. So if you see Roy Gonzalez at a club, make sure to buy him a drink-be a patron of the arts.

Roy is currently a director in charge of Kolor4Kause.


Mongoose Cup: March 8,2014 at Baby Beach, from 9 am to 3 pm on the second weekend during the celebration of Dana Point Whale Festival. The event coordinator gives us a booth free of charge.

At this event, we design and build a stand up paddle board made of gallon size plastic water bottles. We believe that if we produce and ride a board made out of recycled material is a perfect way to show case Great Opportunities. With a exhibitor booth, the kids can meet the public and explain what GO does and how it benefits the community. The more the children interact with the general public, the more confident they will become. Confidence is a important component to being a good leader.
In preparation for the event, we meet every Saturday at 10:30 am and practice paddling SUP at Dana Point Harbor.
When we do the mass paddle, we must have an GO Lifeguard paddler with the GO group. and we need to clear it with event coordinator.
Kids receive a free t-shirt!