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Great Opportunities Christmas Party Etravaganza

On December 2nd at Great Opportunities gave out 200 presents and raffled off 8 bike and offered pictures with Santa to our under served neighbor hoods in San Juan Capistrano. In addition, there were other nonprofit promoting their programs offered to the community along with face painting and a craft booths. There are so many to thank for their support to make an event happen. So Great Opportunities wants to share warm hug of appreciation in making this happen.

Please support your nonprofit!

Great Opportunities Christmas Party ExtraVaGanza

On December 2nd Great Opportunities Christmas Party ExtraVaGanza (organized and hosted by LMTs (youth leaders) of Great Opportunities) will take place from 11 am until 2 pm @ the Red Park (on De La Vista). There will be a Face Painting Booth, Fishing Booth for prizes, a raffle of prizes and bikes, and local organization promoting their programs to assist the community. Presents will be delivered to kids that write a letter to Santa Claus and Santa will also be on hand to take photos.
Please come and help support Great Opportunities!

Great Opportunities Christmas Party Extravaganza

Great Opportunities Christmas Party Extravaganza will be held on December 2nd and will be delivering a toy to all children that write a letter to Santa Clause.  Kids will also have a opportunity to have their picture taken with Santa.  There will be various organizations in attendance promoting their program offerings.  In addition, there will be a face painting booth, a fishing booth for prizes, and a no cost bike raffle.

The Christmas party will be at the Red Park (in San Juan Capistrano at the Villa’s) on December 2nd from 11 am until 2 pm

Link to Red Park



2017 #GO2 Bike Event

Great Opportunities #GO2  Bike Event

WHERE: Descanso park located in San Juan Capistrano Is perfect. It is the Junction of three bike trails. Ride from anywhere In South Orange County

GOAL: promote a vibrant bike culture in SJC. Alleviate vehicle congestion throughout town. Engage LMTs to help and teach them business needed to succeed.

WHEN:GO’s third  Saturday in May National Bike Month. 9am to 3pm

RENT: City owned park contacts at SJC city 949 443 6393 Gil Leon 949 493 5911

Donna Latterman Descanso @the end Adelanto ….Pudge Billy goats booths food water….

♡Sarah how much sure GO REP get to sell spot on map….OC map may be provide maps Paul Martin  714 560 5386


Teach GO LMTs to sell advertising space on mass mailer map, Tee sponsorships and event planning and GO product sales.  

Make a area bike trail map. Sell advertising space and map location.  to sponsoring business with discount coupon

Bike Stores, rent 10×10 booth $150

Restaurant  & Advertising on a mass mailer, a MAP of the South Orange County, RIDE N DINE  Sponsors locations. This will be built in the booth fees

GO Event #GO2 tees to be sold for $20 to the public. Sell sponsorships space on back, Bike Chain bracelets For $20

♡invite for free, SJC Sheriff’s Explorers and SJC Youth Advisory board to license bikes to aid in recovery of lost and stolen bikes. Lundo’s bike giveaway. GRIP

PURPOSE: raise money for Great Opportunities #GO2 60% city 40% donate funds to the city to improve SJC bike  biking stations and decorative bike racks throughout SJC.


EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES at the event: Have demonstrations and lectures throughout the event.from public service CHP, repair clinic, helmet fitting, bike safety.


On May 20 2017 I want to a special bike Event at Descanso Park. You mentioned  awhile back that, you had trial riders ride the rocks in the Descanso  park. Could  that possibly happen again?  

Great Opportunities would like to teach salesmanship, event planning, graphic design & art. (LMTs will be compensate for sales)

2017 GO calendar

2017 GO Calendar 

This  info is subject to change.

LMTs  will meet every third Sunday @ 5pm

GO2 Bike Clinic every second Saturday 10pm to 2pm. on a street corner near you

TBA cardboard boat build @baby beach

TBA Mongoose Cup @ Baby Beach 9am-4pm  

4-22-17 Earth Day @ Red Park 9am-1pm

5-6-17 GO Bike Rodeo @ San Juan Elementary

5-13-16 GO Mass Ride

5-19-17 GO Ride to School

5-20-17 GO Bike Event

6-1-17 end of school

6-10-17 Swim Registration for Casa Capistrano @ Casa Capistrano  at pool 1, 8:00am to 12:00pm

June 13,14,15,20, 21, 22 learn to swim & LMT training@ Casa Capistrano at pool 1 & 2

6-24-17 GO fund raiser @ Red Park 11:00am to 3:00pm

6-24-17 Swim Registration for Capo Villas @ Red Park 8:00am to 1:00pm

July 11,12,13,18,19,20,25,26,27, August1,2,3 Learn to swim & Beach program @ 4 Capo Villas Pools

9-16-17 Coastal Clean Up

12-2-17 Christmas Party

Other events TBA

American Heart & Lung CPR & First Aid Training @ Mission

Red Cross Lifeguard Training

Skate Extravaganza

Kolor 4 Kause


Eric Groos

949 370 5656




Christmas with Great Opportunities

GO December 3, 2016 Great Opportunities Christmas Party & Fundraiser

Photos with Santa Claus

Santa Claus will have a designated photo booth. Parents will be able to take free pictures of the children with Saint Nick. There will be other booths to entertain children during the event. Examples are face painting Marty’s Math Station, Edwin’s Dance Studio and any other good idea. One booth will be designated for writing letters to Santa Claus. Letters kids that write to Santa will have  the child’s address on letter. Toys will be delivered at a later date to the address on the letter.  On December 3rd we will find out how many toys will be delivered from the OC Toy Collaborative  and Toys for Tots. GO needs to cover at least 2 volunteer shifts at Toy for Tots warehouse

When: Saturday, December 3, 2016, set up @ 9:30 AM start @11:00 & ends @ 1:30 PM

Location for the Christmas Party will be at the Red Park at the Capistrano Villas 1. Volunteer are need & community service hours are available. We are still looking for Santa Claus, to sit with the children. Who knows Santa Claus?

Link to Red Park


GO Fund Raiser Booth

We are selling mistletoe and other Christmas related items. After we break down the Red Park, we will prepare and move to the GO Mistletoe Booth at San Juan Capistrano Tree Lighting. Setup @ 4:00 pm starts @ 4:30 PM ends @ 8:00 PM. We will need Volunteers at this event. community service hour are available.

Location: We will setup the booth @ Los Rios Park (exact location is still unconfirmed)  City contact : Heidi Ivanoff 949 443 6391, hivanoff@sanjuancapistrano.org  Contact her in August for a booth at this event.

Link to Los Rios Park


Attention: LMTs, we need new blood in the program. So invited friends. Organization that we should in Break Though, AVID, Four Direction Honor Society and sport teams.

Any question contact Eric Groos 949 370 5656, eric@greatopps.org, www.greatopps.org

I would love to meet with groups and talk about this Great Opportunities

Great Opportunities For Underprivileged Kids


Thank you for taking time to review what we do and how we do it.
Please contact Eric Groos if need more information

Phone (714) 299-0912           Email: info@greatopps.org

Web: http://greatopps.org     FB: https://www.facebook.com/GreatOpportunities

Great Opportunities is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit #02-0553154      

Since its inception in 2002, the mission of Great Opportunities has been to provide underserved youth the opportunity to see their potential and understand that they can achieve anything if they believe in. Our mission focuses on high density low income neighborhoods in San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano which are located under the Orange County, California Gang Injunction zone. 

The vision of Great Opportunities is to create a safe and supportive environment in which youth can achieve a foundation of knowledge, skills, and experience by way of observation, education, and hands on involvement. We are solely reliant on the gracious DONATIONS from organization and individual like your selves.

We believe the aquatic world is the gateway to changing the life of at risk youth in South Orange County. Engaging children to take responsibility of their environment, their health, and their future,and change it for the better, is key to our success.  Your contributions help children become responsible citizens, successful adults, and patrons of healthy lifestyles.  Thank you for supporting the next generation of leaders.  If you or someone you know are interested in getting involved, please contact us at info@greatopps.org &  Facebook twitter instagram


Great Opportunities Programs
Educational Activities:
Learn to Swim

Surfing/boogie boarding
#GO2 Biking & Do it yourself bike clinics


Utilizing public transportation

Watersheds/pollution/beach clean up/Recycling.Environmental Education Youth clean up beaches and their communities

Take plastic bottles and build a stand up paddleboard

Field trips to local businesses

Leadership/mentor program – develop leadership skills through G.O. certification process to become G.O. Leaders, Mentors & Teachers (LMT) and lifeguards



 GO Skate Program

GO Skate Program supporting SJC new skate park The G.O. Skate Series promoting camaraderie and providing San Juan youth positive outlets year round. Our goal is to create skate enthusiasm and awareness to the city and sponsors through these events. G.O. will donate half of the proceeds to the construction of the skate park to be built in San Juan for the community to enjoy.
G.O. will supply kids with Skateboards, Shoes and equipment as well as organizing field trips to skate parks and manufactures with pro guest signings. This will bring education and athleticism as
well as inspiration.
Create a skate board, field trip to skate shop, and then training the youth how to create their own skate boards
G.O. skate contests as well as skate art deck contests with Roy Gonzalez (artist) & his legendary friends in skate, music and art will be guest judges. Pro Skate Demos as well as Skate Movie and Music night will also be a grand form of fundraising and awareness to our goal of building our own skate park in San Juan Capistrano.

Great Opportunities is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit #02-0553154      

     All donations are tax deductible

2016 GO’s Bike Month

Hello Bicycle Fans:

One of Great Opportunities (GO) major challenges is transportation. When we travel on our excursion we use public transportation, for some of the children this cost can be a deterrent. Our goal is to educate children on the importance of bicycle safety and prepare them to navigate the local roads and bicycle trails. When we can ride our bikes on these excursions it will help offset some transportation costs associated with Great Opportunities programs. We don’t want to leave any children behind on the curb.

If you have a good, old bike bring it to the GO’s Clinic Bike at  9:00am May 7th, bike experts will be on hand  to help and teach bike repair and maintenance .  We will learn how to maintain and fix small problems that occur while riding. So bring your bike and helmet to this event.

Bike Fun For Everyone

Bike Fun For Everyone

The GO’s Bike Rodeo is on May 7th  from 10:00am to 1:00pm on the San Juan Elementary School campus,  We plan to give away and properly fit helmets on their students of San Juan Elementary and Kinoshita Elementary . We also will have an OC Deputy Sheriff lecture on the rules of the road, and an OCFA Paramedic to explain the importance of wearing a helmet and safety gear. After the lectures we put the children through an obstacle course. This will better prepare them for situations they might encounter on the open road.15GOmassride 009

The following Saturday, May 14th  from 10:00am to 1:00pm we will have GO’s Mass Bike Ride from the Capo Villas to Doheny State Beach. Where We will travel the bike trails along the Trabuco Creek and San Juan Creek to Doheny State Beach and then return.  arrival at Doheny State Beach we offer the children we . This event will reinforce the knowledge they gained at the bike rodeo, in the use of their bicycle helmets and follow the rules of the open road.

bike rodeo

Free bike helmets for the kids

May 20th is National Ride your Bike to School Day.We working with 5th grader Daniel Pelaez  and San Juan Elementary PTA. This event is for third grade through fifth grade students. Our goal is to show how easy it is to ride back and forth to school. It is a great opportunity for the students to showcase and practice everything they learn at Great Opportunities bike events.  

May is National Bike Month. We have two events in May to focus on bicycle education; GO’s Bike Rodeo & Bike Clinic,  GO’s Mass Bike Ride and National Ride your Bike to School Day. So, mark these dates, pump up your tires and ride your bike down to see what we are doing.  Bicycles in working order in the garage that you would like to donate please contact us or drop them off at Buy My Bikes. We hope to see you. If you are interested, we are building a team of volunteers, forward thinkers that want to help make this event bigger and better. We are also looking for sponsors to help underwrite our plan. So, share our information with others. Any child that participates in these events MUST wear SHOES and HELMETS. We hope that parents and friends that ride with us will show support and wear a helmet and shoes too.



2016 GO calendar

LMTs  will meet every third Sunday @ 5pm

GO2 Bike Clinic every second Saturday 10pm to 2pm. on a street corner near you

3-5-16 cardboard boat build @baby beach

4-9-16 Mongoose Cup @ Baby Beach 9am-4pm  

Mickey Munoz rides El Plastiki

Mickey Munoz rides El Plastiki

4-23-16 Earth Day @ Red Park 9am-1pm

5-7-16 GO Bike Rodeo @ San Juan Elementary

5-14-16 GO Mass Ride

5-20-16 GO Ride to School

5-28-16 Swim Registration for Casa Capistrano @ Casa Capistrano

June 14,15,16, 21, 22, 23 learn to swim & LMT training@ Casa Capistrano

6-11-16 GO fund raiser @ Red Park

6-25-16 Swim Registration for Capo Villas @ Red Park

July 12,13,14,19,20,21,26,27,28, August 2,3,4  Learn to swim & Beach program @ 4 Capo Villas Pools

9-17-16 Coastal Clean Up

12-3-16 Christmas Party


Other events TBA

American Heart & Lung CPR & First Aid Training @ Mission

Red Cross Lifeguard Training

Skate Extravaganza

Kolor 4 Kause

2015 .Summer Season

June is Explores training, If interested please contact Eric.
June 13th 8 am -12 noon Sign up for swim classes @ Casa Capistrano, we will be by the first pool on Paseo Carolina
*June 19th CUSD School is out for kids
2015 Swim Classes, 8 am -10 am Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday June 23rd,24th,25th,30th, July 1st & 2nd
Each day there will be four one half hour class. We are offing only Beginning and Intermediate swim classes at this location.
June 27th & 28th. 8 am – 12 noon. Sign ups for swim classes @ Capo Villas 1, we are at the pool area at the Red Park.
2015 Learn to Swim, 8 am – 10 am & Beach Program 10 am – 5pm . Tuesday,Wednesday & Thursday, July 28th, 29th, 30th August 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th & 20th
Each day there will be four one half hour class. Swim classes offered Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced & Waterman
*shoe must be worn for the beach program.